Rehearsal:The Series
A Different Drummer (bk 1)
The Highest Aim (bk 2)
Of Chaotic Currents (bk 3)
In Refluent Waters (bk 4, coming soon!)

Book 5 (still to come)

Book 6 (still to come)
Sequel (still to come)
Prequel (still to come)

Rehearsal: Of Chaotic Currents
January - December 1978

It's About the Journey

A Novel by LK Hunsaker

The Raucous crew is on the road moving along toward the end of the Seventies. With several number one hits and a UK tour, the band is set for bigger things and larger adventures. Along the route, false rumors and relationship strains abound, and a dangerous curve threatens to overturn their journey.

When a sudden explosion rocks them to their cores, the band members, management, and fans question their future.

Elucidate Publishing 2012
ISBN 978-0-9887120-3-4

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"Her strength was coming back, her flexibility, her control. She extended into an arabesque, modernized, straight out instead of angled, held it still, released slowly. Beautiful. The girl was such a beautiful dancer; it was a shame to keep it hidden. John asked him to help encourage her to go back to teaching. Evan figured he'd do one better than that, when it was time. She needed to do more with it than teach. He would push her that direction. When she had enough of her strength back."


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