Rehearsal:The Series
A Different Drummer (bk 1)
The Highest Aim (bk 2)
Of Chaotic Currents (bk 3)
In Refluent Waters (bk 4, coming soon!)

Book 5 (still to come)

Book 6 (still to come)
Sequel (still to come)
Prequel (still to come)


The first 29 pages of A Different Drummer in pdf format.


Rehearsal: .The Series
It's About The Journey

Reader Reviews
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"In the style of most great storytellers, Ms. Hunsaker has created a cast of characters that captivated me, had me on the edge of my seat, not even wanting to close my eyes at 4am. Though I am known for not wanting to stop reading in the middle of the story, I can scarcely recall a time that I have become so engrossed in the lives of the characters so totally. I very much look forward to reading the next three stories."
-- Dee of
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"I LOVE IT!! ... Thanks for taking me on a wonderful journey and introducing me to characters that I now know and love! Not many books actually do that!"
-- Tanya, Tennessee
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"The personalities are so well developed that I found myself wishing she would choose my favorite. It's hard to put this book down...."
-- Dorothy, Illinois
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"Rehearsal is about the soul of an artist -- about the choices and struggles made by young people. Set in the 1970's it has the flavor of that era when rock bands were a part of every day life; yet it has a timeless theme. One very important question: 'What is love?' can be found within the story of a young dancer who loves music as much as life, and yearns for a love which will fill her heart with its own music."
-- Mary, Illinois
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"This is a wonderful novel, It kept me reading chapter after chapter. I love both music and reading, it is a perfect combination."
-- Liz, Virginia
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"With brilliant writing, Ms. Hunsaker uses the societal upheavals of the Seventies to mirror the turmoil in the characters’ lives."
-- Celia Yeary, western romance novelist
Re. Rehearsal: A Different Drummer

"I think I’m actually enjoying it more than the first one because the characters are like old friends at this point. There are so many various threads of tension running around, it really keeps things interesting."
-- Kara, California
Re: Rehearsal: The Highest Aim


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