LK Hunsaker writes art-infused relationship fiction for those who love deep characters, family backgrounds, and a casual literary style.

Also an artist in some right, trained early by her artistic family as well as traditional art classes, she uses art as relaxing play time (as well as within her stories). With no pretentions of being a "professional" artist, she's more likely to share it as gifts or donations than as straight sales. She does do some artwork for her husband and son's wood restoration and custom build business, Hunsaker Woodcraft, as well as running the admin/social media for it.

Raised in a tiny farm town in central Illinois among a large close-knit family, LK earned a liberal arts degree from Illinois Central College while debating her direction, transferred to Eureka College to major in psychology with art and English minor work, married into the U.S. Army, and raised two children while moving and traveling around the States and Europe with her husband. Completing her degree from UMUC, in between all of the moving around, kid rearing, and various jobs, she applies what she learned, both in school and out, to her realistic fiction.

LK is now settled in western Pennsylvania amid her two grown children, their spouses, and a handful of busy, bustling grandchildren she tends to call Banshees (for good reason). In her down time, she plays with gardening, creates art  and art projects for the Banshees when not getting them to dance lessons and baseball games, spoils two adopted rescue kitties and a too-energetic adopted puppy, and sometimes tries to pretend she's learning how to play piano and guitar. Music helps to keep her sane, along with occasional scenic views from the back of the Harley, often with camera in hand. Oh, and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates, whatever their record (sigh), often while reading someone else's fiction.

Along with organizing and assisting local community activities, LK is a strong advocate for children and mental health issues. As she can, she encourages the arts for everyone and especially creative and personal journaling for self-healing.

Do an Art. Any Art. It's good for the soul.

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Cover image:
Framed Lighthouse at Sunrise.
Acrylic on Canvas. ©2022
LK Hunsaker
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