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What's Happening Now (updated July 2013)

New RELEASE! The gallery is now available.

In June 2003, I released my first novel, Finishing Touches. Set in my hometown area of Peoria, Illinois with jaunts into Chicago, Finishing Touches is the story of a young artist, recently widowed with a new baby and no life direction. Her past weighs on her heavily and she has to pull herself from it in order to move on.

This short novel won rave reviews and although an epilogue lets the reader know how things work out in the very near future, Jenna has a way to go yet. Therefore, a sequel.

It's hard to believe that release was 10 years ago! .

I finally finished up that story that's been langouring in my files for years as I pursued other books and characters that screamed for attention. Jenna doesn't scream for attention. She keeps things to herself. She's quiet. She can be fiery and adament at times, but in small ways. And yet readers find her very easy to relate to and empathize with in her largely subconscious quest for whatever path she needs to find. She's been waiting patiently, but it's her turn.

You can find more info about Finishing Touches on its page, along with reviews and the beginning excerpt.

I have very few prints left of this book and will not order more of the first edition. Final Strokes will be available by itself in ebook, and in print combined with Finishing Touches in one book, titled The gallery.

I'm behind (nothing new) but The gallery will soon have a main page for the two books. In the meantime, it's available at most online book retailers. For starters:



Waterfire events are being held around the globe to revitalize cities. I'll be part of the first event in Sharon, PA on August 3rd as a visiting artist at the James Winner Arts and Culture Center.


I was invited to be a guest on Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo for the March 20th episode. You can catch the archive HERE


It's been stalled for far too long, so now it's back, moved to an easier-to-update place, with the same web address and with a little help from some friends., my tribute to the indie arts, is now back up and running. Look forward to more interviews, articles, and info related to indie arts and artists.


Elucidate Publishing is now adding occassional reviews of self-pubbed books.


I have occasional bits and pieces on my blog. If you subscribe, you'll know when I've been able to get there. ;-)


I'll be hitting a few local arts fairs and other events this summer, to include the Mercer Farmers Market on Saturday mornings starting the beginnig of July and running through early fall (disclaimer: I will not be there every Saturday-- attendance depends on schedule availability). Watch my Facebook page for info.

LOCAL VENUES that carry my books:

The Java Bar in Mercer. While you're there, have a cup of coffee, tea, or a smoothie, and grab a sandwich and a cake pop. Tracy will review most of my books for you if you ask.

The Paperback Place in Mercer

Nelson's Flowers in Mercer (the flower shop, not the garden center)

Leana's Books and More in the Shenango Valley Mall, Hermitage, has my first three books, discounted. (These books will soon have new editions and are in limited supply.)

Volant Mills in Volant has Protect the Heart and Stanley.

Watch for more venues in nearby towns.


Check the Reviews page to see what readers are saying about my books. (I do not pay for or solicit reviews.)

For more news and specials, please subscribe to my Newsletter. It comes quarterly (more or less) and may include coupons and other special subscriber offers:

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