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My pen name for shorter, sometimes spicier, genre romance with mental health themes revolving around the arts.

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What's Happening Now (updated May 2015)


What began as trying to gather a few of the authors in my county to do small events together and to share space at crafts shows has now grown into an actual author event, right in the heart of Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

1st Annual
West PA Authors Book Festival

July 25, 2015, 10 - 4
Mercer Courthouse Lawn

Mercer, the seat of Mercer County, is a beautiful hilly small town with Victorian buildings and very few stop lights. It's currently in the middle of a revival led by small business owners and area artists. There will be a dozen authors or so from the West PA area set up to sign books and answer questions. We will also have with readings and a few activities for kids. Libraries and other literary groups will also be in attendance.

The festival is hosted by Mercer Mainstreet and will run some of the same hours as the farm market (9-2), right there at the courthouse. Be sure to stop by our welcome tent to pick up an event flyer. There will also be tote bags and stylus pens available for purchase, proceeds of which help support the event costs.

Find more information at



In June 2003, I released my first novel, Finishing Touches. Set in my hometown area of Peoria, Illinois with jaunts into Chicago, Finishing Touches is the story of a young artist, recently widowed with a new baby and no life direction. Her past weighs on her heavily and she has to pull herself from it in order to move on.

This short novel won rave reviews and although an epilogue lets the reader know how things work out in the very near future, Jenna has a way to go yet. Therefore, a sequel.

I finally finished up that story that's been langouring in my files for years as I pursued other books and characters that screamed for attention. Jenna doesn't scream for attention. She keeps things to herself. She's quiet. She can be fiery and adament at times, but in small ways. And yet readers find her very easy to relate to and empathize with in her largely subconscious quest for whatever path she needs to find. She'd been waiting patiently, but it was her turn.

The gallery is Finishing Touches and Final Strokes in one combined edition. It is available as ebooks separately. Find info
here on its page.

All art is personal.
All life is art.


Writing is incredible therapy. My interest in helping to guide people out of darkness led, back in my college days, to a psychology degree.** I use what I learned in school, as well as from my own observations, in my books instead of in field work. One topic that especially hit me was Narrative Therapy. Not in practice much in the US as of now, narrative therapy states that the person is not the problem; the problem is the problem. The two are separate and we can rewrite our own narrative once we realize we're living with other people's narratives of our lives. The best way to explore the difference between others' narratives and our own is to write it out.

At my publishing company, Elucidate Publishing, I'm getting resources together to spread the idea of Writing the Light In through storytelling, journaling, memoirs, etc. Go to the site for personal essays about how authors and others have used writing as self-therapy. Write The Light In is also on Pinterest and Twitter.

If you're a professional in the field and would like to write a brief article pertaining to writing as therapy/narrative therapy, or if you're an author who would like to guest blog on the theme, please email.
I am not a registered therapist. Advice, articles, and guest posts are meant only as encouragement.


It's been stalled for far too long, so now it's back, moved to an easier-to-update place, with the same web address and with a little help from some friends., my tribute to the indie arts, is now back up and running. Look forward to more interviews, articles, and info related to indie arts and artists.


Elucidate Publishing is now adding occassional reviews of self-pubbed books.


I'll be hitting a few local arts fairs and other events this summer, to include the Mercer Farmers Market on Saturday mornings starting the beginnig of July and running through early fall (disclaimer: I will not be there every Saturday-- attendance depends on schedule availability). Watch my Facebook page for info about where I'll be..

that carry my books:

The Paperback Place in Mercer (currently closed)
Nelson's Flowers in Mercer (the flower shop, not the garden center)
Leana's Books and More in the Shenango Valley Mall, Hermitage, has my print books. (You can also order my ebooks through Leana's store!)


Check the Reviews page to see what readers are saying about my books. (I do not pay for or solicit reviews.)

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"Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self."— Cyril Connelly

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