Rehearsal:The Series
A Different Drummer (bk 1)
The Highest Aim (bk 2)
Of Chaotic Currents (bk 3)
In Refluent Waters (bk 4, coming soon!)

Book 5 (still to come)

Book 6 (still to come)
Sequel (still to come)
Prequel (still to come)

ehearsal: The Highest Aim
July 1974- December 1977

It's About the Journey

A Novel by LK Hunsaker

With rising fame comes rising tensions and decisions that build relationships or destroy them.
Susie, Duncan, and Evan lead Raucous through the music world jungle heading toward the top. Along the way, family secrets are revealed and new additions come along, and the friends must redefine themselves within their new roles. While making sacrifices and reconsidering relationships, they’ll have to choose between clinging to their current worlds and letting go to explore new possibilities.

First Edition 2008 Infinity Publishing
2nd Edition coming 2013 from Elucidate Publishing

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"Susie clasped a pearl necklace borrowed from Linda around her neck and checked the mirror. She found an emerald green gown the day before while shopping with Laura, her mom and her aunt, and although it was a simple design, straight other than natural curves, with a lightly draping neckline that dipped low enough to be suggestive without suggesting too much, she thought it was elegant enough to make her appear more elegant than she actually was. With her hair pulled into a loose bun and a few strands hanging along the sides to soften it, she was satisfied to at least look the part she would play at the theatre... If she stayed quiet, she could pull it off."


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