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I am an author/artist, not a professional web designer, and I apologize for broken links, etc. but I claim no responsibility for honest errors. There is a good chance the site uses cookies, but I'm honestly not sure if it does and I have not purposely added them. If any information is collected, I am unaware of what it is. The attached blog is run through and I also do not purposely collect data there. If you leave your email publicly, there is always a chance others will find and use it, so I don't encourage you to do so.

If you contact me, I will only use your email address to respond to you. I will not collect it, spread it, or use it for any other purpose. I am not currently running a newsletter, but if I restart one in the future, I will also not use subscriber emails for any other purpose than to send the newsletter. I don't have the inclination or the time to bother anyone who doesn't want to be bothered. My blog and my social media accounts will keep you updated as much as you wish to be updated. You can choose to be be notified when I post on my blog and unsubscribe to notifications whenever you wish.

If you follow an outside link, I claim no responsibility for that site's content. I do try to be careful where I link, but things get changed and I can't check them all constantly. You can let me know through my contact page if there's an issue.

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All images on this site, other than social link icons, belong to me and I reserve all rights to them.

Same goes for the website design, not that anyone would want to copy this simple thrown-together design ;-) .

About My Books

I write fiction.
It's made up, and although I use real places and real things and real situations, I use them fictionally. They are not endorsements or condemnations. They're simply story props. My characters are from my imagination. They do not represent any actual person. They don't all represent my own opinions. I very likely have something in every book that will trigger someone somewhere who might be sensitive to certain things. Like all fiction. I write reality fiction, stuff that happens, good and bad. I never condone bad behavior (and what constititues "bad" may be different to you than it is to me, or to my characters). Life is a balancing act. We take the bad with the good and do our best with what we have. I try to show many different viewpoints and varying opinions. I also use adult language in most of my books (other than those meant for kids -- because most of my work is not meant for kids), but I try to keep it as minimal as possible while still being true to my characters. I don't do PC. I do reality as I see it. I will accept no blame for any triggers. If you're concerned, please look for "sweet" or "clean" fiction instead.









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