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Privacy Policy (because I have to do this)

Data Collection: The only personal data I will ever collect from visitors to my site is your email address, and only if you choose to subscribe to my newsletter, which is a double opt-in process, meaning if you sign up and then don't confirm, you don't get the newsletter, which I rarely put out these days, being rather busy working and being a wife/mom/grandma/etc. I'd far rather play with the little ones who want my attention than toworry about bothering anyone who doesn't want to be bothered.

If you subscribe, I will have access to your email address via Vertical Response, my newsletter service. I will not use it in any way other than to send my newsletter. Trust me, I don't have time to even consider spamming anyone, and I detest spam. I never buy or sell email lists, which makes my list pretty small, but ethical.

Cookies: I have to suppose my site collects cookies. I'm not a techie. I've taught myself to build the thing and upload it, and beyond that, I have to yell for help. If it does collect cookies, it's because the service is set up that way, just like with every other website online. I have no idea what to do with them other than to delete them from my computer every now and then. My site provider is EnergizedIT and I trust they know what they're doing with compliance.

Personal Addresses: If, by chance, you order a signed book from me directly, I will use it to send the book(s) you ordered. I will not spam you by snail mail, either, so unless you sign up to be badgered by my very occasional newsletter through email, you won't hear from me again, unless of course you write to me via snail mail and then I'm likely to respond the same way. Does anyone still do that? If you are the type to write letters with paper and pencil/pen/gel pen/marker/crayon... you can reach me via PO Box 1262, Hermitage PA 16148. (I do not actually live in Hermitage. That's where a PO box was available when I needed it. I check the thing now and then in case there's more than only advertisments there.)

Social Media: If you follow me on social media, you may or may not see my updates. On Facebook, where I'm most active, if you follow me and want to see my updates, be sure to mark "get notifications" or you may not. Not my policy. I'm just playing with the tools I'm given. I'm very unlikely to ever send you a friend request if you follow my author page. I have a personal page for that and I only add people there if I know them to some degree. I'm here and there online elsewhere, but I barely have time to keep my stuff updated, so I won't stalk you or anything.

I imagine that covers it. Apologies if my tongue-in-cheek policy offends in any way. That's not my intention. The simple fact is I'm an indie writer/artist and this tech stuff tends to annoy me when I have to bother with it. Someday, I may have to hire a techie. Until then, this is it.

Questions: Use my contact page, referred to as Find Me Here (or snail mail if you're patient).

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