My Art

I was raised around artists. My grandma painted back before I remember and she often drew cute animals for us. Her mother painted ceramic plates. Her son and daughter, my uncle and aunt, were both beautiful artists. My uncle taught art at the local high school for a while and gave me some tips. His son also went into art and design. My mom is an incredible seamstress, an artist with fabrics. My sister is following her footsteps and creating her own with several types of art.
In high school, I was the only student in Art 4, because there was no Art 4. My art teacher requested, and received, an exception for me because I couldn't imagine school without art. In college, I started working toward commercial design, but it was far too tedious, so I veered off toward art therapy. These days, art is a refuge, my relaxation.
And now and then I donate some of it for a good cause. I'm not aiming at being a professional artist, but if you'd like a certain print, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Sketches / Drawings

        Much of my art career has been with paper and pencil/charcoal. I believe it's the best way to start, getting in the fundamentals of light and shadow, perspective, and technique. Most of my early pencil portrait work was of musicians,
as part of my music obsession. Recently, I've done daily drawing challenges as relaxation and practice.

Kenny Rogers 1983  |  Eric Faulkner 2001  |  Duncan Faure 2001

HorsesNuzzling2019   IciclesandPastry
Horses Nuzzling commission (2019)  |  Prompts: Icicle and Pastry (2021)

AnimalandShadow2021  Snowman2021  WineandHappiness2021
Prompts: Animal and Shadow  |  Snowman  |  Wine and Happiness  (all 2021)


I'll paint on most anything!

Canvas Bookmarks | Glass Ornaments | Christmas Stocking

Clay Vase | Lap Boards | Restoration of outdoor decorations

I've also painted jewelry boxes, benches, and a custom-made doll cradle.



I've only recently delved into painting after playing with it here and there off and on over the years. I'm currently experimenting with technique, looking for my own style.

Experimental Sunset 2021  PA Sunset 2020  Framed Lighthouse 2022
Experimental Sunset 2021  |  PA Sunset 2021  |  Framed Lighthouse  2022

Black-eyed Susans 2020  Seaside 2020  Presque Isle 2021
Black-eyed Susan 2020  |  Seaside (a fundraiser donation) 2020  |  Presque Isle 2021

Foggy Winter Tree 2019  Gazebo 2021  Hawk in Misty Swamp 2022
Foggy Trees in Winter 2020  |  Gazebo (a fundraiser donation) 2021  |  Hawk in Misty Swamp 2021

Predators and Wildlife 2021  Tree Over River 2018  Yellow Sunrise 2021
Predators and Wildlife 2021  |  Tree Over River 2018  |  Yellow Sunrise 2021

Hawk n Wolves 2022    Moraine State Park 2022
Hawk 'n Wolves 16x20 2022  |  Moraine State Park 16x20 2022

All posted paintings are acrylic on canvas, most are 8x10 and 9x12. ©LK Hunsaker. All rights reserved.

All of my paintings are original compositions. I use reference photos in places, often my own, sometimes with permission from the photographer, or via public domain, but I adapt them for my own vision. I do not do exact replica work.
I am available for commission and I plan to make some of these available as journals, postcards, etc.

To see my newest pieces as I finish them, please follow my blog and/or my Instagram page.









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