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Other Sites I Run

Ella M. Kaye is my pen name for contemporary literary romantic stories wrapped up in the arts and tied with mental health issues. Each story is part of one of three series: Dancers & Lighthouses, Artists & Cottages, or Songwriters & Cities. They are all stand-alone books, sometimes with some minor interaction, with no need to read in a particular order.

Hunsaker Woodcraft & Restoration -- My husband and son's family business, specializing in antique restoration. I do some artwork for them and they do frames for me.

Write The Light In -- Where I elucidate the power of words and writing, with some indie book reviews.
(It's a bit dated as of now. I have hopes I can get it moving again.)

Elucidations -- Miscellaneous artsy posts, indie artist interviews and features, kid art projects...
(Also a bit dated for now.)

West PA Book Festival -- A local author event in western Pennsylvania.

Interviews I've Given

by author Yvonne Eve WalusJanuary 2009
by author A.L. Marquardt:March 2009
by author Celia Yeary: March 2010
by Kim of SOS AlohaApril 2011
by Linda Weaver Clarke: April 2011

A Profile of LK Hunsaker: January 2011

17 Guest blogs promoting Off The Moon

7 Guest blogs promoting Moondrops & Thistles

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Some of my Author Friends

A.L. Marquardt --Christian Sci Fi
Liana Laverentz - Contemporary Romance
Maggie Toussaint - Cozy Mystery, Suspense, & Romance
Cheryl Pierson - Western Romance
Mona Risk - Contemporary and Travel Romance
Keena Kincaid - Historical Romance
Stephanie Burkhart - Paranormal Romance
J A Fleming - Christian Romantic Fantasy
Mollie Lyon - Christian Women's Fiction
Brave Knight Writers (William Wright & Dale Ann Admiston)
 - Spiritual Adventures and non-fiction
West PA Book Festival authors (far too many to list individually here)

Remembering Writing Friends who have left their work behind...

Thom Rogers: local author of the Baby Grapes books

David and Melinda McClain: Thanks for the support and inspiration. May Almosta Ranch continue forever in your stories.

Celia Yeary: Your upbeat Texas spirit will continue to shine through your words and your friends.

JustSara (from WDC): I don't even know your real name, but our conversations helped me see myself as the writer I could be back before I realized I could be.









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Ella M. Kaye
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