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I don't pay for reviews. All of the following come from readers who chose to spend their time with one or more of my books. I thank you all.
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About Finishing Touches

"Really classic, soul-moving stuff. It is unforgettable... The romance was described exquisitely - gorgeous, living-eternally writing! ... you have created a masterpiece ... I absolutely could not put it down."
-- Marilyn Savage Gray, author of "The Real Shakespeare"

"I'm kind of overwhelmed. As someone who has written lyrics and short stories for years, I'm amazed that such a complex person and story can be created, and told in such beautiful, thoughtful detail. I feel like I know her now, like I've been inside her thoughts and her life."
-- Lynda J., singer/songwriter

"charming" with "skillful prose and compelling characterization … a book you won't want to miss"
-- Writer's Digest Book Awards

"LK Hunsaker has a compassionate voice and an artistic eye. This is a realistic, warmly emotional novel and an engaging, satisfying read."
-- Lindsay Townsend, historical romance author

About Rehearsal: A Different Drummer (1st ed.)

"In the style of most great storytellers, Ms. Hunsaker has created a cast of characters that captivated me, had me on the edge of my seat, not even wanting to close my eyes at 4am. Though I am known for not wanting to stop reading in the middle of the story, I can scarcely recall a time that I have become so engrossed in the lives of the characters so totally. I very much look forward to reading the next three stories."
-- Dee of deeceeonbooks.blogspot.com

"I LOVE IT!! ... Thanks for taking me on a wonderful journey and introducing me to characters that I now know and love! Not many books actually do that!"
-- Tanya, Tennessee

"The personalities are so well developed that I found myself wishing she would choose my favorite. It's hard to put this book down...."
-- Dorothy, Illinois

"Rehearsal is about the soul of an artist -- about the choices and struggles made by young people. Set in the 1970's it has the flavor of that era when rock bands were a part of every day life; yet it has a timeless theme. One very important question: 'What is love?' can be found within the story of a young dancer who loves music as much as life, and yearns for a love which will fill her heart with its own music."
-- Mary, Illinois

"This is a wonderful novel, It kept me reading chapter after chapter. I love both music and reading, it is a perfect combination."
-- Liz, Virginia

"With brilliant writing, Ms. Hunsaker uses the societal upheavals of the Seventies to mirror the turmoil in the characters’ lives."
-- Celia Yeary, western romance novelist

"The characterization is wonderful and really pulls the reader in. Each character has highs and lows, traits to be admired, and flaws that will break the reader's heart."
-- Stephanie Burkhart, historical/paranormal romance novelist

About Rehearsal: The Highest Aim (1st ed.)

"I think I’m actually enjoying it more than the first one because the characters are like old friends at this point. There are so many various threads of tension running around, it really keeps things interesting."
-- Kara, California

About Off The Moon

"LK Hunsaker hooked me with the first chapter.... Very raw. Very intriguing. When I settled down to continue reading, I finished OFF THE MOON in one sitting. At the kitchen table. On a laptop. With my arse going to sleep on a hard wooden chair. Yes, the story is THAT compelling."
-- Lainey Bancroft, contemporary romance novelist

"It's quite something... Very intense, very visceral, very emotional, very intelligent, ultra romantic, and [the author's] attention to the slightest detail, particularly in her protagonist's thought patterns, is outstanding. I'm impressed."
-- Francesca Prescott, romantic comedy/mainstream novelist

About Protect The Heart

"Protect the Heart by LK Hunsaker is a story that will warm the heart and touch the soul. ... 5 stars"
-- Dawn Colclasure, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry

About Moondrops & Thistles

"A poignant insider's look at being married to a military spouse. ... emotionally charged... Even after I finished the book, Deanna and Daws remained vivid in my mind."
-- Maggie Touissaint, multi-genre author

"Both these characters intrigued me from the beginning, and they grew to be almost like people I knew. ... I highly recommend Moondrops and Thistles."
Celia Yeary, author

"You have made me cry twice already and I am only on page 53. Absolutely awesome already!"
-- Deborah L, Pennsylvania

About my short stories, etc.

"Ms Hunsaker has created a beautifully balanced story with two utterly believable characters. She handles dramatic tension and atmosphere wonderfully, and leaves the reader with a story they won't be able to forget."
-- Jane Richardson, contemporary romance novelist
Re. Toward The Sky, a short story from a pre-publication of Moondrops & Thistles

"One thing you always do soooo well is incorporate all the senses of your characters. I love that so much about your writing. Not only are we in their thoughts, but we are remembering, smelling, seeing, touching right along with them."
-- Cheryl Pierson, author and publisher

"She said she was hooked by the second page, and read until 3 a.m. when she had to make herself go to bed, and she asked me HOW does a person... understand all the emotions so well, and be able to describe and explain those feelings until you can feel them, too?"
-- a reader from Illinois who shared some of my books with a friend


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