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Check LK's Blog for the most current appearances and events.

LK Hunsaker went on a one month whirlwind virtual tour in November 2009,
hosted by CRR Promotions, to promote Off The Moon.
Each blog contains different content relating to the story.

Completed Dates:

Nov 1: Judah Raine
Introduction - what is literary romance?

Nov. 3: Jane Richardson
Artistic Vision and Creative Doubt

Nov 5: Sue Perkins
Traveling Fiction: Places in Story

Nov 7: Linda Banche
Interview: Will Reynauld, Ryan's brother

Nov 9: Sandra Kay
Subplot: A second rescue

Nov 11: Liana Laverentz
Behind the Scenes: An Army Brat

Nov 13: Nancy O'Berry
Celebrities: Truth vs. Hype

Nov 15: Sandra Sookoo
Metaphorical Reality

Nov 17: Lainey Bancroft
Interview with Ned (Ryan's drummer)

Nov 19: Lindsay's Romantics
Home: That Special Fit

Nov 21: Maryann Miller
Pushing Boundaries with Trauma and Genre

Nov 23: Sandy James
Silence: Sword and Shield

Nov 25: Lizzie Starr
Family Relationships

Nov 27: Classic Romance Revival
Release Party! Author Interview

Nov 29: Steph Burkhart
Interview with Daws and Ryan

Dec 1: The Pen Muse
Off The Moon: The Inside Scoop