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Rehearsal: The Series

It's About the Journey

Rehearsal is a series of five novels by LK Hunsaker. It comes as the culmination of twenty years of character development, story development, and research into the turbulent Seventies mixed with the even more turbulent world of music. Societal aspects highlight issues revolving around family, parenting, and friendship. This is all disguised behind lingering and passionate romance mixed with laughter and drama, written for adults but safe for 15+.

LK Hunsaker has been writing creatively since childhood and became obsessed with noveling in 1996 when she wrote the first scene of Rehearsal, a story that was meandering through her brain since her early teen years. That one scene, involving an old dock and a couple trying to discover themselves within each other, expanded into notebooks full of lined paper covered in pencil. The story grew well out of the bounds of one book. Even over five books, it swells to an average of 650 pages each. There is no filler. No passages of description will make the reader skim through. The dialogue is true. The characters are real, real enough readers find it hard to believe they are only characters in a novel.

The first book of the series, A Different Drummer, was published in 2006, followed by The Highest Aim in 2008.

2012 NOTE: The first two books are now getting a makeover, with new edits and new covers. Along with the third book of the series, they should be out this year.

A sequel is already in progress.

There are also short stories evolving from the series, highlighting different characters in years before the series begins. They are free reads and can be found on LKHunsaker.com/freebies.htm.

Rehearsal is about the journey: an exploration of relationships, families, and societal issues, heavy with dialogue, more sensual and adult as the series progresses and the characters grow older, but never vulgar or overly explicit.

A Different Drummer
Susie Brooks
is a nineteen-year-old dance teacher whose main stability through the years of an uncertain childhood was her best friend, Evan Scott, a guitarist with a flair for the business world. Evan's other best friend is Duncan O'Neil, also a guitarist, but with a flair for attracting women's attention while hiding his past. When Duncan moves into Evan world, he changes the dynamics not only within the band, but within Susie and Evan's relationship.

The Highest Aim
With rising fame comes rising tensions and decisions that build relationships or destroy them.
Susie, Duncan, and Evan lead Raucous through the music world jungle heading toward the top. Along the way, family secrets are revealed and new additions come along, and the friends must redefine themselves within their new roles. While making sacrifices and reconsidering relationships, they’ll have to choose between clinging to their current worlds and letting go to explore new possibilities.