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"charming" with "skillful prose and compelling characterization … a book you won't want to miss"
Writer's Digest Book Awards

"Really classic, soul-moving stuff. It is unforgettable... The romance was described exquisitely - gorgeous, living-eternally writing! ... you have created a masterpiece ... I absolutely could not put it down."

Marilyn Savage Gray, author of "The Real Shakespeare"

"I'm kind of overwhelmed. As someone who has written lyrics and short stories for years, I'm amazed that such a complex person and story can be created, and told in such beautiful, thoughtful detail. I feel like I know her now, like I've been inside her thoughts and her life."
Lynda J

"LK Hunsaker has a compassionate voice and an artistic eye. This is a realistic, warmly emotional novel and an engaging, satisfying read."
CRR Reviews

"a real inspiration to read and dealt with a very tough subject with great delicacy and hope."
Lindsay Townsend, author

"I had a very hard time putting it down until I had devoured every page!"
Kathi (reader review)

"The scenery descriptions paint a clear picture in the reader's mind, making you feel you are witnessing the scenes, rather than reading about them. This is a hard-to-put-down book."
Dorothy (reader review)

"The fork in her road is beautifully described, so that the reader is left with the feeling that this was no fork at all, but an inevitable path that Jenna found through careful insight to her inner needs. There is much to be learned from these words..."
Mary (reader review)

"Besides being struck by the expressive and communicative description of the canvas where Jenna's story is sketched out, the readers will find themselves immediately and completely affiliated to the heroine's internal and external experiences."
Alex T (reader review)

"I felt connected to the characters, as if they could be a neighbor or co-worker."
(anon reader review)

"a very well written, insightful novel about a young woman coming to terms with who she is, and should become, and her struggle to overcome outside dictates as to what others think she 'should be'."
(anon reader review)


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