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Finishing Touches is set in Peoria and Chicago, Illinois, my hometown area. Photos from the trailer were taken by family members (thank you Kathi, Sara, and Mary!). The following pieces of artwork were also used, along with my own photo manipulations and paintings.:

Rembrandt: The Painter
Toyen (Marie Cerminova): Ink and Watercolor 1953, Girl With Violin, Lovers

Van Gogh: self-portrait

Visit my Pinterest page for a pictorial representation of the story.

As of now, there are no interviews related directly to this novel. (Marketing was still a foreign concept to the brand new author in 2003!) If you're interested in hosting a blog interview related to Finishing Touches, or my other books, email!

A YA revolving around art and the art process with Jenna as a young girl is in the works. It will feature original art by the author.

Bookmarks are available for Finishing Touches and for The gallery and will be mailed to libraries and bookstores that carry the novel upon request.


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